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Who is Daniel Prado?

          Born in Brazil in 1979, Daniel is a multi-talented artist who utilizes his creativity to enhance his magic in a unique way. His background as a musician and visual artist makes his magic a complete experience. Recognized for his skill with sleight of hand techniques, Daniel has been working as a creator for ten years, developing original techniques and effects for magicians worldwide. Some of these have been used by recognized magicians on the North American TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us.


          His ideas have been praised by some of the most renowned magicians in the world, such as Roberto Giobbi, Pit Hartling, Michael Vincent, and others. To take his art even further, in 2023, he premiered, in Brazil, an atmospheric magic show called "Inexplicable," where the audience can gain a different perspective on time and our relationship with it.


          Creator of one of the most original card techniques of the last decade, the only rainbow spread pass in existence, the Peregrine Pass, Daniel has also developed other techniques such as The Cloak and In-Sight, a reinterpretation of Vernon's classic, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." Regarding the latter, one of the greatest authorities in card magic in the world, Roberto Giobbi, said: "I remember one of my favorite quotes from Saint-Exupéry: 'Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.'"


          Regarding his skill with cards, one of the greatest living legends of magic, Michael Vincent, said: "Daniel Prado's card magic is superb!"

          In early 2023, Daniel launched his Masterclass through Vanishing Inc., presenting his most significant contribution to magic philosophy to date, the "Tesseract Theory," a comprehensive study on what makes magic impossible.


          In January 2024, Daniel was invited to The Session, a prestigious convention held by Vanishing Inc., in London, to speak about his theories and ideas. Daniel is frequently invited to perform and lecture in various parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, China, among others. 

          One of the most inventive and creative minds in magic today, in early 2024, Daniel published a book called "Life Outside the Cave," (Only available in Portuguese) where he discusses current themes such as science, misinformation, politics, and their relationship with illusionism.


          Currently, Daniel lives in Portugal with his wife and daughter.


       About the Peregrine Pass:

      ‘There are very few ‘tabled action passes’ in existence. The performer usually has to manipulate the selected card before or after a ribbon spread. Daniel Prado has created a technique that allows you to do the “dirty work” under the cover of a much larger, natural action, which is always a good thing. If you do tabled card work (and you should!), Prado’s ‘Peregrine Pass’ is a deceptive, unassuming, and useful addition to your arsenal.’ – Jason England



     ‘It was all done, and I was still waiting for the move! I would say Daniel’s Peregrine Pass looks incredible – except there is really nothing to see!’ – Pit Hartling



     ‘An incredible move that any cardman who works on the table should have in his arsenal of sleights.’ – Richard Kaufman



     ‘It’s not often we stumble upon a secret technique that looks authentic to the natural action taking place, in this case – closing a spread of cards. With the Peregrine Pass, what happens “behind the scenes” when compared to the polished performance is night and day. This is sleight of hand at its finest!’ – Dan and Dave Buck




     About The Cloak:

     ‘The Cloak allows for the impossible – invisibility’ – Dan and Dave Buck



     ‘Daniel Prado, has come up with one of the most deceptive and magical interpretations of the venerable Tent Vanish. I am passionate about the plot of The Open Travelers or Invisible Palm Aces and I can see how Daniel’s application will make this classic routine even more memorable. For all discerning card men, this is worthy of your attention’.  – Michael Vincent



     ‘The Cloak is pretty cool! Arthur Finlay would be proud! – Lee Asher



     About Insight:

     ‘Daniel has taken the classic Vernon effect and turned it into something I will actually do! So fooling I actually thought he could control minds’ – Mark Calabrese



     ‘INSIGHT is so fair and so open that the ending left me completely stumped! I have no idea how this is possible’ – Jeremy Griffith



     ‘Daniel Prado has given us his very personal interpretation of Dai Vernon’s Out of Sight Out of Mind. His handling and presentation creates a strong feeling and psychological impression on the spectator who experience this. They will be left in no doubt about his ability to read their minds. This routine can achieve the same impact for you. Study it well and put your own expression into the presentation, it can be a reputation maker for you.’ – Michael Vincent

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