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Who is Daniel Prado?

     What if you could see real magic? What if the performer in front of you did not use sleight of hand but supernatural powers? Could you spot the difference?

     Human brains are filled with flaws that, in spite of being the reason we survived and evolved during the eons, made us believers. Reality is just an illusion to make us fit to the world and Illusionists are specialists in make this, their craft.


     Daniel Prado is one of them, with one difference: He tells the truth. Daniel doesn’t spoil the magic by revealing secrets, but by making his audience part of a greater understanding of his art. He does that by showing them that the smartest people are the ones that get fooled easier due to the way they see the world. He can memorize a deck of cards, explaining how he does that and even so, fool the most watchful audiences.


     Daniel is also a thinker. He develops theories and thoughts with the intention to help the magic community to evolve and grow. Besides that, Daniel is a sleight of hand artist and most of his material is original, and that makes his art more personal and unique.


     As a creator, Daniel belongs to the hall of artists of one of the most respected magic related websites in the world, Art of Magic. Along the last few years, Daniel published original effects and techniques, such as The Peregrine Pass, The Cloak, Insight and Burn, that are praised by some of the most prolific magicians in the world. You can see some of his performances CLICKING HERE.


     In June of 2016, Daniel made his first international lecture in San Diego, California for the site Art Of Magic. The two hour lecture was filmed and it is available at


     On the same year, Daniel was interviewed by Elliott Terral for the podcast, Magical Thinking. You can hear his episode HERE.


     Daniel is a multi function artist and he produces everything is his material. He writes and record the music, produce, direct, film and edit all of his videos.


     One of his passions, is the music work he does with his wife, Bianca, and you can check their work CLICKING HERE.



       About the Peregrine Pass:

      ‘There are very few ‘tabled action passes’ in existence. The performer usually has to manipulate the selected card before or after a ribbon spread. Daniel Prado has created a technique that allows you to do the “dirty work” under the cover of a much larger, natural action, which is always a good thing. If you do tabled card work (and you should!), Prado’s ‘Peregrine Pass’ is a deceptive, unassuming, and useful addition to your arsenal.’ – Jason England



     ‘It was all done, and I was still waiting for the move! I would say Daniel’s Peregrine Pass looks incredible – except there is really nothing to see!’ – Pit Hartling



     ‘An incredible move that any cardman who works on the table should have in his arsenal of sleights.’ – Richard Kaufman



     ‘It’s not often we stumble upon a secret technique that looks authentic to the natural action taking place, in this case – closing a spread of cards. With the Peregrine Pass, what happens “behind the scenes” when compared to the polished performance is night and day. This is sleight of hand at its finest!’ – Dan and Dave Buck




     About The Cloak:

     ‘The Cloak allows for the impossible – invisibility’ – Dan and Dave Buck



     ‘Daniel Prado, has come up with one of the most deceptive and magical interpretations of the venerable Tent Vanish. I am passionate about the plot of The Open Travelers or Invisible Palm Aces and I can see how Daniel’s application will make this classic routine even more memorable. For all discerning card men, this is worthy of your attention’.  – Michael Vincent



     ‘The Cloak is pretty cool! Arthur Finlay would be proud! – Lee Asher



     About Insight:

     ‘Daniel has taken the classic Vernon effect and turned it into something I will actually do! So fooling I actually thought he could control minds’ – Mark Calabrese



     ‘INSIGHT is so fair and so open that the ending left me completely stumped! I have no idea how this is possible’ – Jeremy Griffith



     ‘Daniel Prado has given us his very personal interpretation of Dai Vernon’s Out of Sight Out of Mind. His handling and presentation creates a strong feeling and psychological impression on the spectator who experience this. They will be left in no doubt about his ability to read their minds. This routine can achieve the same impact for you. Study it well and put your own expression into the presentation, it can be a reputation maker for you.’ – Michael Vincent

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